Tanks Exhibitions

There are currently two exhibitions at The Tanks, featuring our member photographers, Tim Warnock and Mimi Tannaka and all members are urged  to attend:

Docs Day Off – with our own Dr Tim Warnock
Fri 03 Feb – Sat 04 Mar

Photographers: Danielle Hodgens and George Kneipp, Dr. Tim Warnock and Joseph Jacobs with assistance from Dr. Paul Trott.
This photographic exhibition shows over eighty doctors from the Cairns and Hinterland Health Region doing what they are passionate about when they are not working.
After completing a similar exhibition of photographs of the local law fraternity, Danielle and Joseph decided to pay tribute to the doctors in our region who work tirelessly for the benefit of the community.
With the support of the Cairns Photographic Society, these photographers have compiled a diverse collection of images from a broad spectrum of doctors working in both the public and private sectors. The exhibition highlights how a good balance of work and recreational time can be achieved by enjoying the natural resources and recreational facilities available in our region.
LAUNCH: 6pm, Friday 10 February
SPEAKER: Justice Jim Henry
VENUE: Tank 4
COST: Free
This exhibition will also show at the Tablelands Regional Gallery, Atherton in March-April.


Mimi Tannaka – Unplugged Photographs
Fri 03 Feb – Sat 04 MarEveryone knows that Cairns has one of the liveliest live music scenes in regional Australia. This exhibition is a tribute to the talent of our town, our own entertainers.
Mimi Tannaka has been photographer in residence with Tanks Unplugged local music series for the last four years, as well as photographing live music events around Cairns. From the hundreds of on-stage moments, the task of selecting Mimi’s very best works was shared with Cairns’ best known photo-journalist, Brian Cassey who says, “Mimi has an eye for the emotions of musicians, a knack for composition and a sense of timing so vital to this photographic genre.”
The exhibition will be officially launched by Ray Elias.
LAUNCH: 6pm, Friday 3 February
VENUE: Tank 4
COST: Free

Up and Coming Workshops at Cominos House

Workshops at Cominos House – starting 7pm

We have booked Cominos House for five nights between March and June for workshops. Costs for the workshops will be $10 per head and several have been tentatively prepared. They are:

Thursday 16/03/17 Lightroom for Beginners 

Topics – What is the Lightroom catalog; Setting up a LR catalog, Importing photos from your camera and hard drive; Organising your catalog in a logical manner; Moving and re-arranging photos and files within the catalog structure; Exporting photos; Using external editors; Basic development techniques. 

As an introduction, this course is designed to cover only one aspect of Lightroom – the catalog. At completion you should have created a workable catalog and have enough knowledge to import all your existing photos into the catalog in an orderly fashion. Participants will need a laptop with Lightroom installed, power cables, a mouse and a camera with some images or card reader and cables. Tutorial instruction sheets will be provided. There will be a form at the next meeting for participants to register their interest.

Thursday 23/03/17 Photoshop for Beginners 

Topics – What is Photoshop; what is the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop; How to open photos in PS; What are Layers; How to duplicate layers; How to copy layers between images; Using Layer styles and opacity; Simple selections; Simple photo editing; Content aware fill; How to resurrect your old family photos.

This course is a simple introduction to PS designed to allow you to take the first steps to mastering PS. Attendance at the previous LR course would be an advantage. Participants will need a laptop with Photoshop installed, power cables and a mouse. Tutorial instruction sheets will be provided. There will be a form at the next meeting for participants to register their interest.

Thursday 20/04/17 How to better use your camera

Topics – What are shutter speed, ISO and aperture and how are they related; How and when to use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, How, and why, you should shoot in manual mode; Why shoot raw images; How to use all those other buttons on your camera that you rarely touch.

More experienced members of the club will assist you to better understand the workings of your camera and to get out of Program Mode for better photography.


January Field Trip – Sunday 22

Where:  Cairns Wildlife Dome on top of the Reef Hotel Casino.
Date: Sunday, 22nd January
Meet up: 9:00am at the entrance.
A reminder:  
There will be an entrance fee (as per your email) which includes a 20 minute guided tour.
Please advise me by Friday, 13th January at the latest and deposit your entry fee to our CPS bank account by Tuesday, 17th January.
We will continue to have a walk-a-bout around the Marina afterwards.

Also please be reminded that members who attended the outing at Goomboora Park/Limberlost, please submit your images to Larry by Thursday 12 January.

Venue change – Next Club Meeting – 8th December Christmas Party

It’s our Christmas Party time again
WHERE: The German Club 57 Winkworth Street Cairns
WHEN: Thursday 8th December 2016
TIME: 6.00 to 10.00pm
FOOD: German style (naturally), Roast Pork, German  Bratwurst, Leberkäse, Sauerkraut, Onions & Chips. Including coffee & cake.
COST: $25.00 per head  DRINKS: At pub prices or better.
PRESENTS: Bring a $5 op shop gift for both your partner and yourself so you can both join in the “Secret Santa”

Remember to pay before end of November through our CPSinc BSB facilities.

We will have a very quick meeting then start the frivolity.

Remember to bring your next club competition images:  OPEN – PRINT


And if you are keen, why not look up our 2017 Calendar.  There will be quite a few additions and further information.  But it is a start, especially your monthly competitions.  Enjoy.  And as always, your input is appreciated with new ideas and suggestions.