PSQ Regional Mini Convention 11 & 12 Nov 2017

Photographic Society of Queensland –  REGIONAL BBQ / MINI CONVENTION
Our hosts are the Townsville Photography Club.
11th and 12th November 2017
Venue – South Townsville Bowls Club, 2C Bell Street, South Townsville
Download your Weekend Program and Registration Form – Townsville 2017 for members who wish to attend. A few members have indicated they will be attending and driving down on Friday 10th November, staying at various hotels in Palmer Street in Townsville. Apparently the place to walk about with an abundance of lovely restaurants.


March News

There is so much happening in the next few weeks that it is definitely to your advantage to peruse our Calendar. Make a note of different nights and venues.  All will be revealed at our March General Meeting Thursday 9th March at Cominos House.  Be early and seated by 7pm please.

Hello CPS members and friends – a newsletter from our President Grant Phillips.


Remember March competition is:
Black & White/Monochrome (print)
This could be just B&W or contain a single tone, such as eg. sepia or rose tint.
And we will remind you over and over that the Cairns Show is looming.
Entry Closing date:  Friday  4.00pm 30th June, 2017
Cairns Show 19, 20, 21 July
Arts_and_Crafts pdf – see Section 26 and Cairnsshow application form pdf.


Up and Coming Workshops at Cominos House

Workshops at Cominos House – starting 7pm

We have booked Cominos House for five nights between March and June for workshops. Costs for the workshops will be $10 per head and several have been tentatively prepared. They are:

Thursday 16/03/17 Lightroom for Beginners 

Topics – What is the Lightroom catalog; Setting up a LR catalog, Importing photos from your camera and hard drive; Organising your catalog in a logical manner; Moving and re-arranging photos and files within the catalog structure; Exporting photos; Using external editors; Basic development techniques. 

As an introduction, this course is designed to cover only one aspect of Lightroom – the catalog. At completion you should have created a workable catalog and have enough knowledge to import all your existing photos into the catalog in an orderly fashion. Participants will need a laptop with Lightroom installed, power cables, a mouse and a camera with some images or card reader and cables. Tutorial instruction sheets will be provided. There will be a form at the next meeting for participants to register their interest.

Thursday 23/03/17 Photoshop for Beginners 

Topics – What is Photoshop; what is the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop; How to open photos in PS; What are Layers; How to duplicate layers; How to copy layers between images; Using Layer styles and opacity; Simple selections; Simple photo editing; Content aware fill; How to resurrect your old family photos.

This course is a simple introduction to PS designed to allow you to take the first steps to mastering PS. Attendance at the previous LR course would be an advantage. Participants will need a laptop with Photoshop installed, power cables and a mouse. Tutorial instruction sheets will be provided. There will be a form at the next meeting for participants to register their interest.

Thursday 20/04/17 How to better use your camera

Topics – What are shutter speed, ISO and aperture and how are they related; How and when to use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, How, and why, you should shoot in manual mode; Why shoot raw images; How to use all those other buttons on your camera that you rarely touch.

More experienced members of the club will assist you to better understand the workings of your camera and to get out of Program Mode for better photography.


Storyboard Tuition Cominos House

Thursday Cominos House – 21st January – 7pm
Members who are interested to prepare and submit a photograph in the likes of a storyboard are welcome to attend this session.  Bring in your normal sized photograph and laptop and we will try to assist you with some ideas.
As we do not know if all of the images would be selected for the Children’s Ward, so think of this exercise as an educational session.  Let us make this a bit of fun.  It might pay you to bring a power board and extension lead to share. Seek out some other elements and animals, foliage, trees and clouds that you may wish to add to your image to create a quirky fun storyboard.
Below is an example by Ingrid Douglas.

fleurs place small

Genazzano Weekend – 15/16 August

Genazzano Retreat Weekend.
What can we say?  It certainly was another wonderful bonding fun weekend.
This year our two nighter members had the luxury of a most wonderful misty/foggy sunrise shoot on Saturday morning. Unfortunately the gods were not too kind for the Sunday sunrise shoot. Not a mist to be found. Guess we have to take what mother nature provides, but many members made up for some exceptional star photography that night.
Our little sessions in the conference room were well attended and enjoyed.  The portrait shoot was a hilarious treat.  More on that later.
The bonfire, of course, was more than warming, especially with some fine beverages.  Daytime weather was glorious which kept some of our birdies happy. It was lovely to see some of our members come for just the Sunday to join us.
Here are just a few of the happy faces that attended.

genazzano weekend

Workshop: Beginners Flash Photography Course

A recap from Heather York:  29 March 2015













“The Beginners Flash Photography Course” held by Paul Dymond was a great day where much was learned, much was remembered, the books finally made sense and a lot of fun was had. Paul is a wonderful teacher, makes it all reasonably easy to understand and gave us clear & concise notes so we could remind ourselves after the classes had finished. The important thing is to put what you learned into practice, over and over again, practice makes perfect – or close to anyway.

I loved Paul’s comment ” mastering Flash photography allows you to turn night into day and day into night” and he showed us how to do this. You know, what sounds impossible is quite easy once a master has shown you how.

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