2016/17 New CPSinc Committee

Welcome to the new and all that have been brave to stay on the committee.  Your tireless efforts to continue to make this one of the very best photography clubs is more than appreciated. By now we are a well oiled machine.
committee 201617

President:  Grant Phillips
Vice President:  Tim Warnock
Secretary:  Kerry Schmidt
Treasurer:  Jennifer Cowie
Competition Secretary:  Corinne Bramwell
Webmaster:  Ingrid Douglas
Larry Russell
Barbara Rosevear
Alex Pirez
Jon Westaway
Eden Gray-Spence
Peter Hall


Kryptonite Challenge Cannon Park Racecourse – 2nd and 3rd May

kryptoniteMessage from Chris Lodge:

Just confirming dates for the Kryptonite Challenge at Cannon Park Racecourse on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of May. The main gates will not be open till 8am for a starting time of approx. 8.30.
The Starts will be staggered but from previous experience, the morning will be the busiest times both days, then tapering off till 3pm. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, even if you can only spend an hour or two on either day.

The photo opportunities are so varied that any photographer would have trouble leaving and having a huge chance of varied images within an hour.

Chris Lodge will have a look at the course shortly and obtain a map of the obstacles shortly.

The organiser is Phil Reuben.   If any of our members cannot find Kath or myself on the course, he will know where we are.

Would probably help to wear CPS name badge. We have promised Phil that the Copyright to all photos still remains with the Photographer but he is to have copies in jpeg for his use. This event will be on rain, hail or shine. Expect some sensational photos.

Cheers, Chris Lodge.