February Update and News

Just to inform our members due to double bookings, that our additional workshops for February and March will be postponed to a later date. We shall inform you as soon as the new dates are finalised.

Reminder:  First Club Competition is MACRO in Print (with a copy on USB for Corinne)
Refresh your memory on file sizing and rules here.

Extreme Close-up
Close-up photography is to move in closer than you normally would, to take a photograph of part of the whole, rather than the whole.
eg – if taking a picture of a facial portrait then a close-up would be the photo of the eye or ear etc.
Anything can be photographed close-up keeping in mind that photographic interest and composition still apply. Use of a wide angle can distort the image to provide a unique aspect or a telephoto lens can be used to zoom in much closer than normal.
Always ensure that the image is in focus by taking note of the minimum focusing distance of the lens/camera that you are using and note that depth of filed can be an issue. You should preferably be using a tripod and manual focus to ensure sharp imagery.

Ingrid Douglas
NEW: You may now substitute one OPEN image in your division.
That means, if you normally entered 3 images in your division, it will be now be 2 in the monthly subject  + 1 open.
Just ensure you label your image with Div1 or 2__OPEN_ Member Number_ Title

Looking forward to our first Club meeting this year.  Hope to see a lot of eager new faces and recharged members on
Thursday 11 February 2016.  Be seated by 6.45pm for a 7pm start.



Month of April Happenings

Club Meeting Night:  Thursday 9th April

Club Competition:  Yellow/Gold – Print + USB digital for Yvonne
Main Colour/Subject must be yellow/gold.

  • Images may NOT be resubmitted for judging in subsequent months.
  • All competition entries must be handed to the competition secretary BEFORE or ON the appropriate club meeting night. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Club Field Trip: Waterfall Circuit – Sunday 26th April
Meet 9am The Falls Teahouse – Millaa Millaa – Reserved tables for morning tea.
Concentrate on Slow Shutter/ND filters
(Saturday 25th Anzac Day)

Competition results for Weathered – Print here.
Remember all this information is on our main webpage calendar.


Division 1 and Division 2 update.

All photographs submitted to Division 1 and Division 2 should adhere to any of these minimal acceptable ‘retouching’ editing practices.

Straight HDR is accepted in Div1 & Div2 and not Creative/Experimental – unless further editing/addition/manipulation has been done to this image.

There should be no additions or major deletions eg. removing a tree trunk or telegraph pole.

These are some of the suggested acceptable basic retouching editing practices:

  • Crop & Straighten – To clean up and correct any issues with composition.
  • White Balance – To correct any colour casts and ensure the image colour is as accurate as possible.
  • Exposure – To improve the overall tonality and dynamic range of the image.
  • Contrast & Clarity – To bring back any missing punch and bring out emphasis and detail.
  • Sharpening – Where necessary the last step is to apply selective sharpening to bring out any key details.
  • Dodge and Burn – not in excess

Members refresh yourself of our Competition Rules here.

Competition Definitions for 2015

Time to catch up on the last competition results in 2014 – Still Life Competition Results 

Remember the February Competition is WEATHERED – PRINT
This may be mono or in colour, people (eg bodies,faces), Buildings, Environment, Textures etc You are the artist.

Refresh your memory of our CPSinc Competition Rules for 2015 here.
There have been some changes made, especially in the Creative/Experimental definition.

Creative or experimental photographs display a novel effect because of an unusual combination of objects and/or unusual viewpoint. Photographs in which the images have been modified during or after exposure by using an experimental technique are also eligible in Creative/Experimental sections. The photograph must always have a basic photographic image. Digital manipulation processes may be employed providing the original photograph was exposed by the entrant. Utilise mixed media, photographic manipulation, montage, paint, brushwork, other elements, scanning, textures, filters … you are the artist.
Any image is not considered if it is a monochrome photograph that has been partially toned or colour has been added. Nor is direct High Dynamic Range (HDR) without further adjustment.

Labelling your Photographic Club Entries

To make it easier for our Club Competition Secretary for record keeping, as well as sending files to remote judges, can we all make a concertive effort.

Remember:  Images may NOT be resubmitted for judging in subsequent months.

file naming
This keeps you all in order for the slide shows and to keep the judges comments in line with the correct images.
Substitute your personal division (or creative), member number and image title.

  1. On back of the print please write:  Division 1 555 In The Park (and mark your orientation)
  2. Please name your files on the CD or USB like this:  Div1_555_In The Park