Cairns Show 2017 Results

Please see attached the results of the  CPS Results of Photography Cairns Show 2017 CPS Members have been highlighted in yellow & as you can see, the members have done very well indeed.
There were also quite a number of High Commended awards given, these are displayed with the awarded images at the Show Grounds Photography Display.
Biggest congratulations to Corinne Bramwell for winning Champion Print of Show & the $ 500.00 prize sponsored by J & R Refrigeration Pty Ltd, owned by Rob & Sonja Williamson.
Corinne was also the winner of Champion Colour Print  and the Grand Champion Print of Show and Ingrid Douglas was the winner of the Champion Monochrome Print. Congratulations ladies.

1st Colour Open – Rhythm in Timber

1st Mono Nature Discussion Time.

Click on images to view large.

For the first time in my experience, the Champion Photographer of the Show on Aggregate Points, was Heather York with 16 points. (Congratulations to Heather)

The standard of the images overall was excellent & very good to see an excellent Junior entry in the 12 years & Under age group and 13 to 16 years age group. I was particularly thrilled to see a large number of entries from the Yarrabah State Primary School. The first time they had entered & some students gained some Highly Commended Awards in very esteemed company.

Thanks must go to my assistant Stewards Corinne, Laurie & Alex who were invaluable in so many ways. From the accepting day, to the hanging day & judging day, hanging the award cards & ribbons, preparing the Photography Display Room for the three days of he Cairns Show, and so much more.

A huge thanks to all the CPS Members who also assisted on the accepting & hanging days. Repositioning class cards, remounting images, repairing images etc… is not much fun, but once again this was done with a smile by Grant, Graeme, Glenis & Ken along with my assistant Stewards. Hanging day was a lot of fun as well, hanging & rehanging the 407 images in total, on the walls. Again, this was performed with enthusiasm & endless patience by the assistant stewards and Grant, Terry & Glenis. The resulting display is a credit to the photographers of Cairns who entered the Cairns Show 2017.
Special thanks must go to Ingrid Douglas who very kindly, at the 11th hour, put together a “CPS Flyer” with the new logo, meeting dates & venue to be handed out to people visiting the Photography Display. You just never know who will join the club or come along to meetings to find out how to be better photographers or learn how to start on the journey to photography. If the quality of images on display are anything to go by, we should expect quite an influx of interested people.
Thank you once again to all those CPS Members giving their time to man the Photography Display during the three days of the Cairns Show, we could not manage without you.
Lastly, thank you to the three wonderful judges who worked so well together deciding on the winning images. It is always interesting for we stewards to witness the judging, there is always much to learn how better to present your images for future Cairns Shows or other competitions. For the first time I believe, we had two lady judges & one man – all very experienced photographers, two PSQ Accredited & the third judge a very accomplished photographer national & internationally. I feel certain the three judges, Terry Power, Jackie Hammer & Maureen Carthy from Townsville, enjoyed their day judging the images, and all were impressed with the standard overall presented to them.
If I have forgotten to mention anyone, my apologies. Please be assured everyone’s time & efforts in making the Cairns Show Photography Section a success, is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
Heather York.
Photography Steward Cairns Show 2017

ps our apologies we omitted an image from Hans Schmidt – Street Of Lights – 2nd Mono Scapes.
Also Highly Commended images have not been included.  And many of our members did receive these awards as well.

September Awards – Photo of the Year 2016

Congratulations to all our participating members for their awards in the Smoke, Fire, Steam competition.  Check out the results here.

Photo of the Year Awards – 2016
div1_jackie-hammer_hon_green-peaJacqueline Hammer“Green Pea” –  Water Competition in April 2016

creative_ingrid-douglas_honour_seeing-tripleIngrid Douglas“Seeing Triple” – Trees Competition in July 2016 Creative/Experimental

You may wish to view all the  Powerpoint images-of-the-year-2016 submissions.
The link will download to your computer.

Cairns Show 2016 Photography Results.

Congratulations to all our participating members who once again supported a successful Cairns Show. Photographs to follow. In the meantime why not check out the results below.
CPS Results of Photography Cairns Show 2016

Congratulations to Alex Pirez for your Champion Mono Print, Grand Champion Image of the Show and Champion Photographer of the show.
Alex Pirez_1st_Looking like a Warrior_Monochrome people and Champion Mono chrome Print and Grand Champion Image of the Show

Congratulations to Corinne Bramwell for your Champion Colour Print.
Sea girl

Congratulations to all CPSinc Members that submitted exceptional high quality images to make this another successful Cairns Show event.
Click on the gallery to view the 25 winning club entries.

Annual Competition Winners – Div1 Div2 and Creative

Congratulation to all our members for your excellent submissions throughout the past 12 months.
Annual competition results for Division 1,  Division 2 and Creative Section.

winners2015Division 1
Alex Pirez 164 points
Larry Russell 159 points
Joy Melchiori 146

Division 2
Sharon Reisinger 121 points
Corinne Bramwell 115 points
Andrew Rushton 95 points

Creative Section
Ingrid Douglas 190 points
Alex Pirez 168 points
Larry Russell 133 points

August Club night….
Congratulations to the recipients of the Photo of the year with Competition Secretary Corinne Bramwell presenting Trophy’s to

Jacqueline Hammer for Div. 1

div 1 champion image of the year

and Hans Schmidt for the Creative section

creative champion image of the year

not present was Ian Hocking winner Div. 2

Ian Hocking Cairns Show 2015 Highly Commended Colour Open'A Row of Four'