January/February Happenings

Message from our President – Grant Phillips.
Hello CPS members and friends,
The committee does not meet again until February, so I have little to report this month except for a few reminders about upcoming events.
We don’t normally hold a formal outing in January but a number of members have requested an informal get-together on Sunday 28th January. This will be a night walk and street photography in and around the CBD. We will meet at the intersection of Shields Street and the Esplanade at 6pm. That is, near the big boulders at the apex of the Lagoon.
After we meet, members can wander the streets of the CBD and see what photographic opportunities present. I suggest a night walk along the new Shields Street plaza, then up Lake Street to Florence, then down, again, to the Esplanade.
We will meet, again at the RSL club about 8:30pm for coffee and supper (Cnr Florence and Esplanade, they have been advised). Finally, return to the Lagoon via the Esplanade boardwalk.
For those new to street photography there is a good reference at  this web site.

Tutorial Evening – Cominos House
Our first tutorial is scheduled for 7pm Thursday 8th February at Cominos House.
The subject will be – Photographic Portfolios.
The judging of last year’s portfolios will be presented as well as an informative video to assist future portfolio entrants to prepare a high standard and interesting portfolio. All members are welcome.

First CPSinc Club Meeting at Stratford Library 7pm – Thursday 15 February 2018.
February 2018 Competition: Song and Dance (digital)

First Official Club Field Trip
Sunday 25th February
Bramston Beach – 9am or earlier if you wish.  Bring a picnic morning tea/lunch.
As always do keep and eye out on our Calendar/Events Page.
Need some motivation and if it is too wet outside?  Catch up on some of our wonderful Field Trip slideshows here  or view past competition image results. That should keep you out of mischief.