Genazzano Weekend – 15/16 August

Genazzano Retreat Weekend.
What can we say?  It certainly was another wonderful bonding fun weekend.
This year our two nighter members had the luxury of a most wonderful misty/foggy sunrise shoot on Saturday morning. Unfortunately the gods were not too kind for the Sunday sunrise shoot. Not a mist to be found. Guess we have to take what mother nature provides, but many members made up for some exceptional star photography that night.
Our little sessions in the conference room were well attended and enjoyed.  The portrait shoot was a hilarious treat.  More on that later.
The bonfire, of course, was more than warming, especially with some fine beverages.  Daytime weather was glorious which kept some of our birdies happy. It was lovely to see some of our members come for just the Sunday to join us.
Here are just a few of the happy faces that attended.

genazzano weekend