April Field Trip – Waterfall Circuit

Club Field Trip: Waterfall Circuit – Sunday 26th April
Meet 9am The Falls Teahouse – Millaa Millaa
We have reserved tables for morning tea and they will open for us at 9am.

Why not head up earlier and do a waterfall before your morning break.Not to mention many scenic photographs to be captured on your journey.
But most of all – have fun!
On this outing try to concentrate on Slow Shutter/ND filters when visiting the waterfalls.  If unsure, buddy up with someone that knows.
If you have ND filters or Polarizer, bring them along.  Also tripod, cable release and all the other stash in your bag.

Kryptonite Challenge Cannon Park Racecourse – 2nd and 3rd May

kryptoniteMessage from Chris Lodge:

Just confirming dates for the Kryptonite Challenge at Cannon Park Racecourse on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of May. The main gates will not be open till 8am for a starting time of approx. 8.30.
The Starts will be staggered but from previous experience, the morning will be the busiest times both days, then tapering off till 3pm. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, even if you can only spend an hour or two on either day.

The photo opportunities are so varied that any photographer would have trouble leaving and having a huge chance of varied images within an hour.

Chris Lodge will have a look at the course shortly and obtain a map of the obstacles shortly.

The organiser is Phil Reuben.   If any of our members cannot find Kath or myself on the course, he will know where we are.

Would probably help to wear CPS name badge. We have promised Phil that the Copyright to all photos still remains with the Photographer but he is to have copies in jpeg for his use. This event will be on rain, hail or shine. Expect some sensational photos.

Cheers, Chris Lodge.

Month of April Happenings

Club Meeting Night:  Thursday 9th April

Club Competition:  Yellow/Gold – Print + USB digital for Yvonne
Main Colour/Subject must be yellow/gold.

  • Images may NOT be resubmitted for judging in subsequent months.
  • All competition entries must be handed to the competition secretary BEFORE or ON the appropriate club meeting night. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Club Field Trip: Waterfall Circuit – Sunday 26th April
Meet 9am The Falls Teahouse – Millaa Millaa – Reserved tables for morning tea.
Concentrate on Slow Shutter/ND filters
(Saturday 25th Anzac Day)

Competition results for Weathered – Print here.
Remember all this information is on our main webpage calendar.


Workshop: Beginners Flash Photography Course

A recap from Heather York:  29 March 2015













“The Beginners Flash Photography Course” held by Paul Dymond was a great day where much was learned, much was remembered, the books finally made sense and a lot of fun was had. Paul is a wonderful teacher, makes it all reasonably easy to understand and gave us clear & concise notes so we could remind ourselves after the classes had finished. The important thing is to put what you learned into practice, over and over again, practice makes perfect – or close to anyway.

I loved Paul’s comment ” mastering Flash photography allows you to turn night into day and day into night” and he showed us how to do this. You know, what sounds impossible is quite easy once a master has shown you how.

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