Division 1 and Division 2 update.

All photographs submitted to Division 1 and Division 2 should adhere to any of these minimal acceptable ‘retouching’ editing practices.

Straight HDR is accepted in Div1 & Div2 and not Creative/Experimental – unless further editing/addition/manipulation has been done to this image.

There should be no additions or major deletions eg. removing a tree trunk or telegraph pole.

These are some of the suggested acceptable basic retouching editing practices:

  • Crop & Straighten – To clean up and correct any issues with composition.
  • White Balance – To correct any colour casts and ensure the image colour is as accurate as possible.
  • Exposure – To improve the overall tonality and dynamic range of the image.
  • Contrast & Clarity – To bring back any missing punch and bring out emphasis and detail.
  • Sharpening – Where necessary the last step is to apply selective sharpening to bring out any key details.
  • Dodge and Burn – not in excess

Members refresh yourself of our Competition Rules here.

Month of March Happenings

  • March Thurs 12th Meeting:
  • Competition:  Transparency – Digital
    This is our judges definition:
    Looking into, looking through, what can we see? Water, window glass, containers such as aquariums, in fact anything that is clear can present us with a myriad of possibilities.They also present a number of challenges both technical and aesthetic. Are you up to it?
  • Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Reeves “Sweet Beginnings Photography”
  • Meet the Member: Grant Phillips
  • Competition Results:  Weathered/Aged (print)
  • CPS Sunday 22nd March Outing: Cairns City Area – Alleyways/Doors/Windows
    Meet 7am Outside Myers Cnr McLeod/Spence Street Cairns
    Concentrate on Patterns/Perspecitives/POV/Sharp Images
    Morning Tea – Wharf One Cafe 10am
  • CPSinc Slideshow:  Martyn Street Cemetery – November 2014 Field Trip
  • Bunnings BBQ Sunday 8 March 2015