Message from the Secretary

A little reminder regarding the outing on Sunday 30th November, 2014 at the Cairns Cemetery (James/Little Streets, Manunda – behind Cominos House). Map

We shall meet at the James Street end at 6.00pm where there is plenty of off-road parking. I am advised sunset will be at 6.38pm which will give some wonderful light and shadows. If you arrive a little earlier the wonderful flame trees are in flower creating some wonderful colour amongst the headstones.

It is suggested to bring some lighting, torches, coloured lights, to be creative with light painting and long exposures etc… There are some historic grave sites and of course more recent sites. Try and find some of the oldest with some wonderful artwork.

We have been granted a Permit by the Cairns Regional Council to photograph within the cemetery and I am sure all will be respectful of the grave sites.

Get your creative juices flowing – cemeteries may be an unusual place to photograph but the possibilities are endless as you will discover.

Hope to see as many of you as possible for our last club outing for 2014.

November Monthly Competition


Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of objects that are either natural or made by man. Still life photography gives the you more leeway in the arrangement of design elements within a composition.

The definition are loosely termed as still life as well. These include flowers, food, etc. They are life forms but they don’t move.
Be creative and go overboard.

Remember though:  Trees and flowers in the garden are not still life.  Cut flowers and branches in a vase are ok.  Live animals are not still life.  But feathers, fur rugs eg are ok. Running water either creek, ocean or tap are not still life, but a glass of water is. Still Life images can be just about anything that doesn’t moveFood is good too to photograph.

Here are just a few examples.  Research on the web and you will be astounded by the millions of superb still life images.
Ingrid's Still Life examples only.