August – Club Competition

NATURE – PRINT + digital

Depicts living, untamed animals, uncultivated plants in their natural habitat, geology and wide diversity of natural phenomena, from insects to icebergs.
No domesticated animals, caged or under any form of constraint and any cultivated plants are not eligible.

Below are some examples.  The list is only a guideline not the full definition as above. Now go off exploring the natural surrounds.  Crawl under bushes, look under leaves, find some beautiful pebbles, a little creature … you now get the gist? Or go and find Ron and capture some fungii 🙂


CPSinc Field Trip – Granite Gorge Nature Park – May 2014

Of course we always have fun when socialising and photographing.  In May we headed up to Granite Gorge to visit the wallabies and enjoy the magnificent landscape.
The boulders at Granite Gorge are a natural wonder formed millions of years ago by ancient volcanoes and were well worth checking out.
We  trialled two separate outings to ensure member who were unable to join us on the weekend had a chance to try our midweek outing. Both were supported well.

Notice of AGM 2014

To All Members
The 30th June sees the end of our membership year, so please find attached a renewal notice. You can direct deposit your fees to make it easy for you, all the details are on the form.

Also attached is the notice of our Annual General Meeting plus a proxy voting form and the very important Nomination Form. Please give consideration to nominating for a position on the committee; members’ support in this role is vital to all clubs/societies existence.

Kind regards
Dell Deed
Cairns Photographic Society Inc.

Notice of AGM 2014

Nomination Form 2014

Proxy Voting Form 2014


Addit:  Friday 11 July 2014

Congratulations to all our Members who have stepped up once again to keep our ever growing club in full swing.

President: Tim Warnock
Vice_President: Rob Harris
Secretary: Heather York
Treasurer: Jennifer Cowie
Competition Secretary: Yvonne Rein
Webmaster: Ingrid Douglas

Committee Members:
Alex Pirez
Larry Russell
Grant Phillips
Heather Lawson
Joy Melchiori

Looking forward to another fun filled productive year with like minded passionate exceptionally good photographers.

And we must not forget to give a huge thanks to Dell Deed for her long ongoing service as our Secretary. It is now time to put your feet up Dell, relax and enjoy yourself. But don’t be fooled, we have your phone number for you are the person that knows the in’s and out’s of this fine club.